Awesome Read

Bane by D.H Sidebottom *****



I was given this book as a gift, it’s the first book I’ve read from this author, I was pulled into the story from the start, in the prologue Esther seems a nice normal quiet girl, who just wants to spend time with her best friend Rik who is three years older than her and from the wrong side of the tracks, her mother finds them and takes her away she vanishes that day

The book starts 14 years later with Esther now Milly as a PA, she loves her job however it is written in a way that you know she has dark secrets, her boss she sees as the father she never had , her father was not that loving, then the world she has began to love and thrive in crashes down when she witness es the murder of her boss, weeks later to her horror the company who had been trying to buy her old company out, had won and they were the new owners .

She hates the owner of Warne Industries with a passion, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse , ten to her utter shock the co-owner who has always been the silent partner turns out to be Rik

However this Rik is nothing like her best friend of 14 years ago, he is cold and hard, now she also has fight her feeling’s for Rik resurfacing, feelings she has kept buried for 14 years.

Here is where the book starts to twist and turn, Esther’s past comes back to haunt her with avengence , with more secrets and lies than you can shake a stick at, shocking secrets are uncovered, and a rival takes extreme revenge on her, through all Rik is there for her loving her , just when you think this book has come to its climax there’s another twist.

I started this book in the morning and could not put it down read in one sitting , fantastic story of love conquers all

Best gift in a long time


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