Her Magic Touch

Her Magic Touch by Sable Hunter, 5/5 Stars    Mystical and Magical   


You know the old saying when you are waiting on a bus for ages then 2 or 3 come at once, well that is exactly what is happening at Tebow Ranch, none of the boys had meet “The One “ well not strictly true where Isaac is concerned but that’s another story. Now within a short period of time they had females coming out their ears.

Joseph the dare devil has been injured and is paralysed from the waist down, it’s a real blow to his ego, he was a ladies’ man, they would literary drop at his feet, plus he was into extreme sports, now he felt less than.

Joseph takes this really hard, and when they bring in Cady to help him is very condescending to her, I so wanted to box his ears for the way he treated her, yeah he had been through a tough injury however that is not an excuse to be rude and hurtful.

Cady really is an angel, she has a gift to be able to heal and other gifts , I don’t find this hard to believe we don’t use 100% of our brains, so there is untapped potential, who’s what else we could do. She is so kind and caring of everyone always putting them first, she helps Libby and Jesse without question. The length Cady go’s to for the man she loves is breath taking.

I love how Sable intertwines these books, you get wee snippets of other stories in each one, and there is still an ongoing story.

I loved how Joseph changed from the love them leave them guy and not really wanting to let someone into his heart, to a guy who feels whole at last.

Cady has found more than she ever wish for in the McCoy’s


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