A Brown Eyed Handsome Man

A Brown Eyed Handsome Man by Sable Hunter  5/5 Stars   Just Awesome


What I’ve really come to love about Sable Hunter is she does not shy away from things, nothing is taboo, so far we have had cancer, dyslexia, surrogacy, paralysis, faith healing, in this book our heroine Lilibet has a limp, which is the way she was born, however the reaction she gets just leaves me cold, what difference does it make to a person’s personality if they limp or not?

Kane is not only the town Sheriff but also a friend to the McCoy boys, he is such a gentleman and is so gentle to Lilibet, don’t get me wrong he can be a real bad ass if he wants to be, and what he thought was a sleepy town he had come to sure had a hellva lot going on and he has his hands, however the only thing he wants as a handful is Lilibet. Kane is also hit by a shock revelation, miss unstandings and more trouble than you could shake a stick at

I love how Sable has really strong females as her heroines, and these females really don’t see just how strong they are, Lilibet is no exception, she strides to make her small business work to provide money not only for herself, but also to help her brother, she can’t see why Kane could ever be interested in her.

As usual they is more than one story going on at the same time with plenty of twists and turns, Sables books never end on a cliff-hanger, they just leave you wanting more


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