Hot on Her Trail

Hot on Her Trail by Sable Hunter 5/5 stars  Nerve Racking


There has to be something in the water at Tebow Ranch, and by that I mean the stock tank.

Nathan the youngest of the McCoy’s is convinced he has seen a mermaid, this had me in stitches, and the thought of a mermaid popping up in the middle of a ranch in Texas in their stock tank was just so funny.

Jessie had thought she was doing a good thing agreeing to be a surrogate for the McKay’s, however Mr McCay did not make her feel at ease, and then the news that there been a mix up with the sperm, so she had come to Tebow Ranch to check out the actual father Jacob McCoy, however as the story progresses, Sable builds up the tension to near breaking point, giving you the urge to skip to the end so you can relax, however I love the build up.

Jacob is a bit green when he sees his brother Aron so happy with Libby, all he want is a wife and a family but he does not see that happening any time soon, not that he is short of female company, and then he finds Nathans mermaid, who knocks him for 6.

I hope you love complex stories like me because Sable has loads all going on at the same time, so you really need to soak every little thing in.

Noah is this book really made me mad, who died and made him king grrrr. He has such a stick up his rear end its unreal, I so want to box his ears, one thing’s for sure I want Noah to get his comeuppance.

Things really heat up in this book and you start to wonder what’s going to happen next, as its all go, and it will have you on the edge of your seat 


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