Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick 5/5 stars

Lifers by Jane Harvey-Berrick  5/5 stars

The saying never judge a book by its cover is so right in this case, it usually what first attracts me is the cover, and the cover look kind of bleak to me, as was asked to read this book by my friend Sheena and let them know what I thought of her friends book, well here go’s.

99% of stories have a strong male, who helps a female to come to terms with their past, and they become a stronger person, however in this case, is a strong female who brings a male back to life.

I didn’t read any blurb so had no clue what is was about, Torrey is a strong character right from the start, it may sound like she is running away however the time she spends with her mother makes her a better person, even with her mother being a preacher she did not have the most happy childhood, and in the small town where her mother is pastor she is seen as a black sheep.

Then Jordan appears, and you would think it was the devil himself that had showed up, however Jordan is always polite, always looking down at his feet, he resembles a zombie more than the devil, like there is nothing behind his eyes.

Its only really after Jordan starts working on Torreys mothers over grown garden that they get to start to know each other, Torrey wants to know what happened to make him shut down so must, and so full of self loathing, slowly Torrey builds up his trust and he starts to change, she can’t accept the person she is getting to know is this evil destructive person everyone else says he is, even her pastor mother try’s to warn her off him.

Finally Jordan tells Torrey what exactly happened when he was 16, and the afterwards, to say I was mad was an understatement, geez this town would be a nightmare to live in, they only see what they want to see, and as for his parents, sperm and egg donor will be as good as it gets from me, what happened to unconditionally loving your kids?

How can some people see one person as a saint and ignore their every wrong doing however at the same time condemn another as evil, we all make mistakes, some bigger than others, however a mistake is mistake.

Jordan really is a man-child, at times more child than man, however you realize as you read the book, there is a part of him stuck at age 16, Torrey is the first person to see just what a good man he is and could be, and she fights all the way to bring that man out in him.

I found this an emotional read, however a great read, the more I read the more I just wanted to hug Jordan, likewise the more I hated his sperm/ egg donors and there self-rightous town. 


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