A Cracker of a First Book

Letting Go

By J.M.Witt



A Cracker of a First Book

When I was asked to read Michelle’s first book I had little to go on, however I like that means I am not looking for stuff to happen.

Chapter 1 is the quiet before the storm , chapter 2 packs a punch, Michelle is very brave to have this as her second chapter, and she really pulls it off, and you don’t find out the what and why of chapter 2 until later, (very clever ).

Cass is level headed with an overly protective Cop of a brother, Calvin is so sweet, and I just love how he would do anything for his sister.

Cass’s attraction for James go’s back months I just love how they re- meet, and as it turns out James is just as protective as Calvin just I don’t think he sees it, however its as clear as the nose on your face as you read this book.( James can’t see the wood for the trees )

Cass has had more than her fair share of trauma to deal with in her young life, this makes her slightly insecure, and has a tendency to doubt others intentions, as it turns out James is just as insecure, on the outside he is a real cool playboy however inside he is insecure and is scared to open up, he try’s to keep people at arms length and handle his turmoil on his own, it takes some time for him to finally let Cass in.

I really loved how you got to see this story from more than one point of view, made is so much more interesting and enjoyable, there are a couple of low life’s that try to spoil everything, however one of their backgrounds I did not see coming , great twist ( I so love twists you don’t see coming ).

There are a few things going on in this book, and I’m sure they will appear in the future books, I am also sure there will be more surprises and twists to come, however that does not mean that this book ends on a cliff hanger, not all the loose ends are tied up however there is enough unresolved to leave you wanting more and still have an enjoyable ending to the book.


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