So much hotter than Rocky

So much hotter than Rocky


By Katy Evans



I picked this book because of the cover; I did not read the blurb, just jumped right in.

My heart went straight out to Brooke, I admire anyone who trains as an athlete, however to have put in all that time and energy, to be injured out must be heart breaking, I loved how it was her best friend Mel would not take no for an answer and yes she was going out, to a cage fight no less.

Now the only boxer I’ve ever liked was Rocky, that was until I read this and met Remy, he leaves Rocky in his wake, there was just something about this character that got to me right away, there are times in this book when you will want to strangle his 2 friends, they think they are helping him, however that’s not the way I took it. (I am a very protective person)

I’m glad to say Brooke saw it my way , as the book go’s on and you learn more about Remy, its just more to love, and Brooke it turns out is just as over protective as he is.

When you learn about his childhood, and that male and female that produced him (that is as nice as I can be where they are concerned), how he managed to turn out as he did was nothing short of a miracle, even if he cannot see it.

As I said Rocky was my fav boxer, with me shouting at a screen like some idiot, well if that was bad, screaming at my Kindle and wanting to ask Katy Evans had she lost her mind, you can tell just how much I got carried away.

This book can be read as a stand-alone; however, it left me wanting more of Remy and Brooke.


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