Nail Bitting

Nail Bitting

Baby Daddy (Scandals series #1)

By Kathy Clark



I was very lucky and I got an ARC copy of this book to review, I was so dying to read it as the blurb was so interesting.

So this book has loads and I do mean loads going on, starts off with Killeen learning the hard way that her boyfriend is a looser is the worst possible way.

I just love the way all the characters had the bomb dropped on them all together at the one time and all their different reactions to the shocking news.

We add to this the attraction Killeen has for Christopher as soon as she sees him.

I loved the way Killeen struggles with her emotions, as she comes to terms with now having siblings, being left to make a life or death decision about what to do about her present state all on her own , and this out of control attraction she feels for Christopher she try’s very hard to put down to raging hormones.

I love a good who done it and I always look for clues as I’m reading, and I was so sure I had caught who the killer was, I was wrong and that does not happen often, well done Kathy.

This book is a real rollercoaster, it’s fast paced and action packed, it had me close to tears a few times, it’s funny in places as well, I’ve really taken to all 5 siblings and can’t wait to read book 2 


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