Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff


By Missy Johnson



This book really has the erotic factor, Coop is such a lovely character, he’s one of these people who has fallen into something in order to help get over an traumatic event, and due to events in his life felt he was compelled to stay.

I loved Coop from the start however there were many many times I wanted to give him a good hard shake, at the start of the book I found he was just existing going through the motions not really living, he cared deeply for the people in his life, and felt protective to Beth.

It was when his childhood crush re appeared, that I really Really wanted to give him a good hard shake, he had everything bottled up, telling himself he was protecting his family , he really gave himself a very hard time which made me also want to hug him.

He is one talented guy with a try anything once mind set, and Missy has a very good imagination with this in mind, I would love to say more however I dont do spoilers as I think that reduces the satisfaction in reading a book, so you will just need to read it to see what situations Missy gets him into.

Even when everything blew up, he still would not let himself see a way out, I had mixed feelings at the way it turned out, I could clearly see why it turned out that way, however there is still a part of me that so wishes that once the dust settles, Coop can still be there for Beth, as I think the unconditional love ( not romantic love ) would mean Coop would not give up on her 


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