Sexy with and without stetson

To Sexy for his Stetson

By Mal Olson



This book had me hooked from the start, with Brandy’s way to preventing an offender from running off, and Blades reluctance to admit just who he was, I loved the way they tried to fight their mutual attraction for each other, forbidden fruit always tastes better.

The way Brandy made Blade confront all he knows and actually take off his rose coloured glasses, I really felt for him , also the way Blade may Brandy take a close look at herself to see if she was just being prejudice.

Rambo at least had sense lol

It a fast pace book that keeps you on your toes, a real page turner, mind you there were a few times I turned the page and was looking through my fingers with them crossed, as if that was going to help, and I must say I did get surprised with some of the twists and that is always a good, I love a twist or a turn I cant see coming 


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