Let Loose

Bound Box Set

Includes books, Bound, Freed, Stripped, Punished and Connected

By Nikki Sex



WOW what a box set, I was struck from the start by the closed of character of John Taylor, I just knew that something had happened to him in his past, however I don’t think I was fully prepare for where this story went, it had me in tears, and full of rage, and feeling physically sick to my stomach and what made it even worse for me is I know out there in the world there are real live people who have experienced these types of things , and that is just so wrong.

Nikki told Johns past in a matter of a fact way it came out just a bit at a time, what I really loved about these books was it was like seeing in your minds eye, John turn from a closed off bud, into a full blossoming flower, which I really love, I am a person who believes light always conquers dark.

I love a story about two characters that are total opposites, and how they attract and complement each other  I love to read a story with a lot going on and these books have that, I enjoyed this story more than I thought I would, it’s now in my favs 


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