crash and burn

Crash and Burn

By Chelsea Camaron




I picked this book because I liked the cover; I didn’t read any blurb, just jumped straight in.

This is a prequel story for a series of books, so I thought yeah I’m starting at the right point, however I was not prepared for what I was about to read.

Dina is young at college an only child, and when her parents are killed in an accident, she has no family left, her best friend Maggie and her brothers and parents are as close to a family as she has got, she is totally devastated by this traumatic event, and closes downs and shuts everyone out, even when Maggie gets a steady boyfriend and she wants her to meet him and his room mate, she still shy’s away.

Then she literally bumps in Michael, who seem just too good to be true, Michael has a very evil side that he has kept hidden.

 Dina does not pick up on any warning signs, in what Michaels not only says to her but in the way he gradually exerts control over her, its only when she decides to meet up with Maggie and her boyfriend and not tell Michael, that his true side comes out.

This book truly had me shouting at it, wanting to smash my kindle in frustration, I wanted to take a baseball bat to Michael (2 wrongs don’t make a right I know but it would have felt good) I also wanted to give Dina a good hard shake and tell her to wake up, this is not love, however as with life, you cant help anyone until they want to help them self’s.

I found this book emotional to read , I’ve known women in Dinas situation, I was only going to start it but read until the end, Dinas mental processes of rationalization were frustrating to say the least, this is not a hearts and flowers story, 


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