Alices Yummy Alphas

Alice’s Alpha

By Ann Gimpel



Ann has a unique take on wolf shifters in this book, this is different from most shifter books that I have read, I really enjoy when someone comes up with a different spin on things.

Added into this is a sexy MMFM ménage where things get very hot and steamy, it seemed a short book however it moved at a pace that did not seem rushed, or maybe I could just not put it down.

I loved how Alice was her own woman, did her own thing even if it was lady like for her to be an engineer (I know the feeling I’m an Engineer as well).

Jed is just so happy to have found his pack mate, that he completely forgets to tell her that there are 2 other shifters in his family pack, not just him.

There are also the hunters who want to rid the world of shifter

 I’d love to read more of the Wolf Shifter Clan


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