Sky Cowboy

Sky Cowboy

By Kasey Millstead



This is the second book in Kasey’s Cowboy series it’s a story that is all too common in real life that makes it very true to life, when you listen to someone else and believe them instead of actually asking the person concerned, however there would not have been a book if Ava had just done that, not that Jeremy is innocent he finally finds his balls in this book (so to speak).

Kennedy is the sister from hell any greener and you could mistake her for the Hulk, mean, spiteful and very vindictive.

This story is about 2 people who are in love with one another, but are just too scared they have got it wrong so stay back. It’s a case of being so scared that it’s only you that feels that way to take that first step

This is also a beautiful story of how you can unconditionally love a child even if you’re not their biological parent, and like any good book there is a bit of a spanner in the works.

I really enjoyed this book; I’d have love another chapter as I did not want it to end.


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