Natural Law

Natural Law

By Joey.W.Hill



First thing that attracted me to this book was the cover, I just had to know what the story was, then after reading the synopsis I was even more intrigued.

This book has a lot packed into it, male submissive in the BDSM scene which most people totally get wrong, added to that is the attraction between 6ft plus Mac and 5ft something Violet that is way more than just D/S .

On top of all this there is a serial killer on the loose, going around killing submissive men.

I loved way the characters grew as I read , the sparks between Violet and Mac came practically off the page, I totally loved the way Mac’s Sub instincts clashed at times with his natural Alpha male side , and how Violet could see through all his tricks.

As for the serial killer part of the story I got it wrong not just once but twice, I honestly did not see it coming , on hindsight I think I must have missed a clue somewhere.

The way all this is woven together is fantastic, I could not put it down.

Joey did a great job of showing BDSM is not kinky sex, sex is just the same as everything else in life it’s a spectrum, and it all depends where each persons preference fall as to where they are on the spectrum, I think the very first exponents of BDSM were cave people who dragged each other by the hair .

This is a great story of how love can break down your barriers and walls , and if you find the right person everything clicks into place, it’s also a really good mystery keeps you guessing.

This book is now one of my Favs


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