Earths Requiem

Earths Requiem

By Ann Gimpel




This book throws you in at the deep straight away, no soft footing around; earth has went straight to hell to not pass go do not collect £200, life as we know it is gone.

Aislinn, not only had to watch while an alien killed her father in front of her, that event also drove her mother to madness, before they killed her as well, to make matters even worse there are 2 types of aliens that have arrive to what looks like extinguishing the human population from earth, the only thing that can keep you alive is if you possess any real magic, yeah that thing we’ve only read about in story books from 100’s of years ago.

Aislinn has had to work for the lesser of the 2 evils to survive, she works totally alone not needing anyone, and then when her alien master orders to make her way to their gateway within a set time, little does she know her worlds about to change as well.

First off she meets a wolf who speak into her mine and says he’s her bond mate (Hunter magic), only when she agrees does he shock her by then speaking out loud to her ( it’s a bond mate thing ), she did not want to care for another living thing again it just hurt too damn much, if something happened to them, after discovering her not only had hunter magic to add to the 2 she already had, however when Rune gets injured and she manages to heal him with magic, what other surprises are in store for her also  what else could go wrong on her way to this gateway.

Enter Fionn (drool) he is what looks like to all intensive purposes a hunter, with his very large black Raven, however he’s not what he seems.

If Aislinn thought the event of 3 years ago were a shock, that nothing to what she is about to learn, and could Fionn and herself possibly find a way to rid the earth of these 2 alien life forms .

This is a beautifully written start of a Trilogy, its fast moving from the start, and there are so many twists and turns, it’s very hard to guess what’s next, it can be emotional at times, a few funny bits, a large red slutty Dragon to boot, is there any way of defeating these 2 alien beings, can love survive in such a hostile environment, well you’ll need to read it to find out.

I would have given 5/5, however book 1, ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, you do get to read chapter 1 of book 2 at the end 


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