seduction and snacks

Seduction and Snacks

By Tara Sivec




This book was a delight to read, for so many reasons, first there is mega rich guy sweeping a girl off her feet, they have everyday jobs, the humour is first class, I had tears rolling down my face laughing, the situations are ones we have all said, done or know someone who has, Gavin is a 4.5 year old picks up on every word you say and repeats it, just like my grandson.

Claire family life was not your typical family life but then again if everyone was the same it would be boring as hell, she is a daddy’s girl and when her parents divorce she stays with him , she’s not into boy’s or kids and her dad would put boy’s off anyway he’s 6ft plus build and has tattoos and looks scary, she is at college to learn as she would like to her own business with her best friend Liz , who also wants her to pop her cherry.

The girls attend a frat party where Claire hits it off with a guy and decides tonight’s the night, they are both more than merry, however lust takes over in the morning she sneaks out no sure wither she should stay or not, neither know the others name , a few weeks later she finds out she is pregnant.

Jump 5 years, to Claire working in the bar as usual, and go’s to serve a very drunk guy, and guess who it is.

There is a lot more going on than just the above, its one of the funniest books I’ve every read, its also heart-warming, with just a drop of chocolate covered passion

(You’ll need to read it to get that last bit)


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