cries in the night

Cries in the Night (Denver after Dark series book 2)

By Kathy Clark




Julie has worked for the last 5 years as Victim Support, she kept herself to herself never really dated and that’s the way she liked it, one night while attending a domestic abuse scene she meet Rusty a fireman , she already knows his 2 brother one a cop the other a paramedic , she has met his brother quite a few time within her line of work, however Rusty after meeting her again at another scene cant shake there was something about her that he liked , he could talk to her and she understood , he was also intrigued by the mystery she kept around herself .

Julie felt comfortable with Rusty, she felt safe something she had not felt in a long while, however she had a past that was her dark secret, one she was trying to get far away from.

This story is well written, and deals with situations that are taboo, however they are dealt with in a matter of fact way, leaving the reader to make up their own mind.

This is a story of loss, betrayal, discovery and ultimately transcension


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