To Love a Highland Dragon By Ann Gimpel 4/5.



In 1683 Lachlan a mage, merged with Dragon Kheldin, they now not only share their life force but also there longevity.

In Kheldins form they take a break in his cave with all his treasures from battling the evil Rhukon, and take a nap, however on waking up Kheldin is shedding scales all over the place as if he has been asleep for a lifetime, they decide the best course of action its to take Lachlan’s human form, to venture outside their cave, Lachlan is not in a much better state than Kheldin, he has a grandfather time beard and a massive head of very long hair, and looked like skin and bone.

On venturing out of their cave dress in Lachlan’s normal clothes for a 1700’s highlander, he looks to where his castle should be and there is no castle just a monstrosity, confused and very aware he has little strength, he convinces Kheldin they must find out what has happened and why every thing looks so strange.

Their shock worsens by the appearance of Maggie, who is dressed in shorts and a top, which in Lachlan day would be beyond scandalous.

Maggie is working in Scotland for a year as a psychiatrist, at first she is not sure what to make of this person in front of her, his dress speech and demeanour is way off, he does not set off any psychiatric alarm bells, so she offers to get him some food, and a tidy up.

They are attracted to each other straight away, Maggie is descended from a long line of witches; however, she turned her back to learning any kind of witchcraft long ago, however what little she has she will use to help him.

There are many twists and turns, Maggie’s Gran is a hoot, and just when Maggie things are starting to go to plan Lachlan/Kheldin vanish.

I am not one for spoilers, so that is about as much as a spoiler as I am willing to give.

This is the first book of Ann Gimpels I’ve read and I’ve not been disappointed, the characters are very vivid and endearing, I’m usually one that who can see what’s coming next, however Ann has really surprised me with her twists and turns, this book was pure heaven to read, had me hooked from the start, I really hope she writes a follow up because these characters are just too good to be only 1 book 


One thought on “To Love a Highland Dragon By Ann Gimpel 4/5.

  1. Thanks so much for hosting To Love a Highland Dragon on your blog, Liz! Much appreciated. I’m grateful I got enough of the details correct to not offend a native Scotswoman.

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