Blood and Rain

By Faye Cross




Rahne is an only child, who has had a very strict up bringing, she prefers to stay in and study in baggy sweats and tee, however her friend Sammi is the total opposite, she just loves to party dress in slinky outfits and have guys drooling over her, this is why they are both standing in a queue to get into Raven , a new and very hot club, meeting a guy of any kind is the last thing on Rahnes mind not that’s is ever on her mind guys just don’t really do anything for her , not that’s she gay, just her hearts never raced for a guy ever, Sammi on the other hand just wants her friend to lighten up and start to have some fun, so when Rahne comes back from a trip to the bar all flustered Sammi cant think what’s got into her until Lucian appears, not only is he drop dead gorgeous but he owns the club.

Lucian is an 800 year old vampire, how had this little human got under his skin so fast, she’s human for god’s sake, however this does not deter Lucian he enlists the help of his old friend Marcus who is a hybrid half werewolves half vampire to be a blind date for Sammi so he can see Rahne again.

When they do all meet up Sammi and Marcus hit it of straight away and start plotting to get their friends together, and so starts a sequence of events that, are heart breakingly emotional, however also heart warming, I love the way Faye has depicted the origins vampires , werewolves and all things paranormal, I think this book is exception for a first book, Faye takes you on a roller coaster of emotions in this book, with characters you fall in love with and some you just take a total dislike to.

And like a true author leaves you wanting more (and no it’s not a cliff hanger)


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